School Development Support Agency

Supporting the development of the school-led improvement system

System Wide School Improvement Programmes

System Wide School Improvements

The SDSA plays a co-ordinating role with several large communities of schools to create, co-ordinate and deliver programs or school improvement to address their identified priorities.

In a recent example the SDSA is working with the primary school community of a local city to address poor educational outcomes and tackle emerging issues. A suite of school-led improvement programs have been developed and delivered addressing themes such as phonics, mathematics. EAL leadership and new arrivals, reading and writing improvement programmes transition projects etc. with the needs within that community are schools. A headteacher governance group commissions the programmes and the delivery, as much as possible, coming from the school themselves, usually Teaching Schools or others with leading practice. Each school improvement programme contains a blend of high quality training for the subject leaders, in-school mentoring to support the improvement strategy that is being followed, visits to other schools, plus networks of support. All programmes are evaluated for their contribution to education outcomes and have delivered some outstanding results.


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SDSA's Role

The SDSA plays the co-ordinating role for the school community, taking direction from their teacher governance committees and then working within and across the communities of schools to establish and deliver the required programmes.

Project Impact

City-wide improvement programmes co-ordinated by the SDSA have delivered impressive gains for participating schools, often double digit increases in the relevant key performance indicators. The chosen approach also builds the capacity of the school community for a school-led improvement approach.

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