Assured Safeguarding

Assured Safeguarding forms part of the regional joint-work in children’s services to maintain robust procedures for safeguarding children and young people in the East Midlands.

Questions have been developed around the themes of: leadership/accountability; performance management; casework/reviews; integration (including partnership); workforce; and prevention (including early identification).  The materials are being developed for Directors of Children’s Services (DCSs) and Elected Lead Members, headteachers, and health professionals.

The Assured Safeguarding materials illustrate ways in which leaders around the East Midlands can answer the questions for themselves.  The guidance does not seek to describe organisational frameworks and processes but will highlight individual actions, behaviours and routines that effective leaders adopt.


For more information, download the following links:

-Assured Safeguarding: Working Together

-Assured Safeguarding: GPs and Health Leaders

-Assured Safeguarding: Schools and Settings

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