Pathways to Education

The Pathways to Education pilot programme is funded by the Community Foundation; a charitable organisation who want to reinvest money back into our community. As a result, the SDSA set up the Pathways to Education programme as a way of giving back to our Leicester city schools and the disadvantaged young people in our community.

“Aim: To offer an opportunity to take part in a mentoring programme for up to 12 young people who have the ability to achieve their educational potential and become positive members of their community but, because of adverse circumstances, they are at risk of failing to do so. 
The programme is designed so that each young person will: 
• develop a sense of belonging and purpose within the school and the community
• develop a positive self image and the skills needed to deal with life’s adversities so they become more resilient and determined individuals
Criteria: 12 students will be selected by the relevant member of the Senior Leadership Team to take part in this programme based on their academic potential and life circumstances. 
As this is a pilot model, there are still ideas of which are being investigated in order to improve this work.”

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