School Health and Well-being Programme

Support available to schools through this service:

– Health data profiles

– Supported audit and needs analysis

– Health and Well-being Action Plan

– In-school training and support

– Visiting good practice in other schools

– Training events led by leading practitioners

– Accreditation in the Leicester and Leicestershire Health and Well-being Programme

Improvement themes supported within this service:

– Emotional health and well-being

– Smoking prevention and cessation

– Teenage pregnancy

– Drugs and alcohol

– PSHE essentials

– Anti-bullying

– R Time

– Participation

– School Councils

– Bereavement

– Healthy weight

– Food routines

– Peer support

How it works

Stage One (Plan)

– Named lead identified within school

– School Community Health Data Profile analysed

– Needs analysis completed and baseline information established

– Strategic commitment made to school health and well-being outcomes.

Stage Two (Do)

– Action plan developed and underway to deliver school health and well-being outcomes

– Professional development activity with school staff to support plan

Stage Three (Review)

– Demonstrable progress made against identified needs

– Improvements in baseline data and outcomes being achieved

– Accreditation obtained through the programme

– Plan refreshed

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