NQT Recruitment Pools

The SDSA manages recruitment pools for communities of schools to attract and recruit the very best Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). The process includes advertising, booking interviews, the co-ordination of local headteachers and deputies to lead the interviews and the management of an online shortlisting facility for schools to select the best candidates.

Currently operating in both Leicester and Derby these pools see around 50 NQTs being fast tracked into their first teaching jobs each year. The SDSA works with local heads to arrange and deliver interviews for potential teachers to establish their suitability and readiness for work in local schools.

A successful interview is not a guarantee of a job but those who succeed are taken onto a pool list, which in effect becomes a shop window for all schools. When any school then has a vacancy for which they would consider a newly qualified teacher they can log in to the pool and short list or invite candidates to consider their position. The final selection remains a school-based activity with interviews and demonstration teaching as customary in the normal process. By using the pool head teachers save several weeks and the cost of a major advertising as they are able to go straight to a short list of candidates whom their local colleagues have identified as being suitable.

To find out more visit the following websites: www.nqtleicester.co.ukwww.derbynqt.co.uk or alternatively contact peter.chilvers@sdsa.net.

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