Welcome to Vesa

VESA is a not-for-profit education support agency with over 30 years of experience.

Based in Leicester City, but working across the region, the VESA team has a strong track record in managing and co-ordinating a wide range of activities to support 13-19 education and training, with a particular focus on vocational education, and applied and work-related learning for learners at all ability levels.

The educational landscape is changing radically, both locally and nationally. Schools and colleges need to consider how to deal with raising the age of participation (RPA) and ‘Closing the Gap’, provision for disengaged, under-achieving or vulnerable students, ensuring effective learner progression and the development of vocational qualifications and pre-vocational education for learners at all levels.

It becomes an ever increasing challenge for schools and colleges to know where to turn to for advice and support.

With the combination of our extensive experience and our hard earned reputation for delivering high-quality services, we have gained the trust of the many organisations that we work with. In particular, we have specific expertise in support staff who are working with learners at level 1 and below.

Underpinning everything we do is a commitment to excellence in 13-19 curriculum and staff development. We believe that high-quality experiences are the key to enhancing student attainment, achievement and progression through the 13-19 phase and beyond

How we operate

VESA works with schools, colleges, learning providers and other partner organisations across Leicester, Leicestershire and in the wider East Midlands region. We act as an anchor point for the implementation of local, regional and national projects and developments with a 13-19 curriculum focus.

An important part of what we do is building strong and effective partnerships as well as encouraging collaboration amongst learning organisations across all sectors. We are able to harness the contributions of key local partners, bringing together schools, FE sector colleges and other organisations involved in education and training.

As well as the collaborative partnership work, we also offer bespoke and tailored in-house support for individual schools and colleges. These inputs reflect the priorities identified by staff in schools and colleges and generally revolve around aspects of 13-19 curriculum development and staff support.

How you can benefit from working with us

  • Share good ideas, practice, expertise, experience and resources
  • Provide improved access to a better range of opportunities and experiences for your students
  • Take advantage of an effective means of linking with other organisations, especially across phases or sectors (e.g schools, FE, HE, work-based learning, the Third Sector)
  • Be reassured by honest brokerage and independent advice
  • Benefit from economies of scale and a cost-effective use of resources
  • Leverage collective ‘clout’ and purchasing power when negotiating with external agencies, lobbying or making collective bids

CLM (Collaborative Learning Manage)

CLM is an internet based programme which allows schools to track the attendance and achievement of students who attend off-site provision, in partnership with the VESA 13-19 Support Agency. CLM also gives schools and the Training Providers the chance to compare notes on student attendance and attitude, and to monitor the progress of students towards their qualification.

What are my responsibilities as a user of CLM?


When a Training Provider completes their registers on CLM, if your student is absent, they will be given an UNEXPLAINED ABSENCE. It is your responsibility as a school user, to log on to CLM and change this to either an AUTHORISED ABSENCE, or an UNAUTHORISED ABSENCE.

Progress Reports

At the end of each term (before Christmas, Easter and summer holidays) the Training Providers fill out Progress Reports for each student. This gives schools an opportunity to track the progress of their students

Using the Information

CLM gives you information on your students attendance and achievement. It is up to you to use this in the ways you see fit. It can be used to update your school systems, report to Head of Year and deal with student issues promptly.

Updating Information

If there are any changes that need to be made on the system, please get in contact with the VESA Support Agency 0116 2491529 so we can keep the records up to date.

Whether it is:
Withdrawal of a student
Mis-spelt name orIncorrect date of birth.

How Do I Access the Collaborative Learning Manager?

CLM can be accessed through any computer with internet access, all you have to do is type in the following web address in your browser.


This is where you will be prompted for your username and password, given to you by VESA

If you are currently using the CLM and have experienced any issues or would like to see some new enhanced features, we would like to hear from you.

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