School Improvement Exchange

In a school-led system there is a need for schools to be able to find expertise and support quickly and easily at their point of need. The School Improvement Exchange (SIE) provides your group of schools with a vital platform to share effective practice with peers and other member schools.

The SIE has been created by the SDSA in direct response to requests from schools for an effective means of working together informally.

Member schools place their offers and requests in the SIE, where they can search to find matches by topic, school, distance, phase and keyword search. Once matched, the SIE puts schools directly in touch with each other to arrange their practice exchange and provide feedback.

As schools place their offers in the SIE they describe ‘how they know it’s good’. This could be Ofsted recognition, quality mark validation or because internally they have seen its positive impact.

In additional to the Exchange itself, SIE membership also provides all teachers in your school group with unlimited free use of two online school management tools.

Self Evaluation Tool

Currently covering over 20 significant topics, this tool evaluates practice, stores supporting evidence and produces working actions plans. Click here for more information.

360 Diagnostic Tool

This tool generates 360 self and peer evaluation reports for over 15 school workforce and national leadership standards. SIE member schools use this to support their performance management and workforce development policies. Click here for more information.

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