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Our Values: Collaboration - because new possibilities emerge when ideas come together
Value Collaboration
Our Values:  Creativity - because experience improves when personal expression matters
Value Creativity
Our Values:  Conviction - because life has integrity when heart and mind are both engaged
Value Conviction
Our Values:  Participation - because life improves when people are shaping their own future
Value Participation
Our Values:  Equality - because potential is wasted when unnecessary barriers remain
Value Equality

Welcome to the SDSA website

Formed in 2000 by central government as a school improvement organisation to support Leicester City Council, the SDSA has since broadened its remit to become a highly regarded leader of projects and partnerships across children’s services.

The SDSA is a highly effective organisation with a project-managing core team and a flexible group of high quality associate consultants. This combination consistently secures good project outcomes for children, young people and our partner organisations.

These company arrangements provide the SDSA with the necessary flexibility and capacity (both volume and quality) to deliver large projects rapidly. Although our turnover and workforce reflect our status as a small organisation, the company’s expanding work portfolio over the years as an unfunded, not-for-profit organisation provides clear evidence of the capacity to deliver large scale activities. Recent contracts include local, regional, national and international work.

The strong SDSA company ethos as a no-nonsense, outcomes-focussed organisation is fundamentally important. A strong conviction for enterprising public service runs through all of our work to secure efficient, practical solutions.


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Developing 'British' Values, half-day conferences in Leicester, Birmingham and Manchester. For booking & info visit

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Developing 'British' Values in school through Compassion, 4 nat'l confs by Mick Waters, David Woods, Maurice Coles,

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Developing 'British' Values through Compassion, 4 nat'l confs by Mick Waters, David Woods, Maurice Coles, book now

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Developing British 'Values' through Compassion, 4 confereces, by Mick Waters, David Woods, Maurice Coles, book now

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Recent Projects


Regional Purchasing Framework

The development of a regional procurement framework to secure high quality and good value social care placements with independent fostering agencies and residential care providers.


Whatever it Takes

A major city-wide initiative to fulfil Leicester’s reading pledge to do whatever it takes to get every child reading.


Social Work Leadership Development

Social work leadership development programmes for cohorts of 30 – 60 in size, generally coming from a number of local authority employers. The programme designs explicitly capitalise upon this fact by providing opportunities for knowledge and practice exchange between participants.

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